Game Artist, Illustrator & Animator

  • Animation

    2D & 3D showreels

    2D game animation

    3D Reel

    Opus, My graduation film. Done alongside Idan Bar

  • About Me

    I have dealt with art, games & creation as far as I can remember.


    Ever since I decided to learn animation in "Minshar for Arts" college, I have been an active contributor to the local gaming industry and a freelance artist for educational & social games, lending my style, knowledge & experience to the field I love.


    For the past years in the field, I have learned a wide range of skills including concept art, design, UI/UX, product development & game development.


    It is my mission to create and contribute to projects that will inspire & enrich lives and in turn, give anyone the inspiration to do the same for others.


    You can follow my works & get in touch through the social media links below this section. I hope you enjoy my content & wish you a wonderful day.

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